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Our Next Immense Possibility

Friday December 19,¬†8:30pm, on SOPTV¬†& in¬†the “Current IP” video box below*

Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 10.23.50 PM¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† In honor of the winter solstice: what‚Äôs going on with solar energy?¬† More technical advances, more affordable options and broader access¬†than almost anyone predicted. It’s not for some¬†select few anymore.
        Local and national leaders trace the movement of solar from the edges to the center of our overall energy picture, which is changing  at a white-hot pace. We find out how Rogue Solar has brought competitors together to solarize more home and businesses, and get an encouraging update from the Jackson County Fuel Committee

*NOTE:  IP repeats on SOPTV Thursdays at 10:30pm & Sundays at 4:30pm, and also airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting Saturdays at 8:30am and on KIXE-TV Saturdays at 4:00pm.

Our Current Immense Possibility

An elegantly productive partnership arises between groups like Habitat for Humanity that help people build and own their own homes, and job training organizations like Youthbuild and the Job Corps. Results include the first quality housing some families have ever had, a pathway to quality jobs for disadvantaged young adults and remarkable volunteer opportunities. Plus an update on the Maslow Project.

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