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Friday September 19, at 8:30pm on SOPTV and in the “Current IP” video box below*

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 11.35.36 PMThis week we find out about doing well by doing good.  Businesses across the country, and most recently in the state of Oregon, are redefining their roles and chartered mandates to pledge bottom-line responsibility to their employees, their communities and the planet, as well as to their shareholders.  We learn what that’s about from Secretary of State Kate Brown and benefit companies Gilded Rogue and the Rogue Creamery. Some say this is the most practical, powerful engine to change the world.

Then Charles Eisenstein weighs in to stretch our imaginations a little farther.

*IP repeats on SOPTV Thursdays at 10:30pm & Sundays at 4:30pm, and also airs on Oregon Public Broadcasting Saturdays at 8:30am and on KIXE-TV Saturdays at 4:00pm.


Our Current Immense Possibility

In one of the most powerfully effective parts of the emerging Restorative Justice movement, teenage offenders are challenged by juries of their peers, and by caring yet insistent adult volunteers, to make things right for their victims and their community.

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